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I.N.I.A.P.A.Veneto, the National educational institute and professional craftsmen adjournment of Veneto, officially established in 1993, following the requests of craftsmen and small and medium sized enterprises, supporting the Autonomous Craftsmen Trade Unions Confederation of Veneto and has already been working in the field of private learning. The institute is a part of the Regional Federation of Craftsmen C.A.S.A., socially recognised in the Region of Veneto in February 1994.The Autonomous Trade Union Craftsmen Confederation- established in December 1958, proposed to represent Italian craftsmen with criteria and principles of autonomy, independence and without any political influences, in all areas of the sector, in relation to the institutions and governments, with the economical, political, trade unions and social organisations . The Autonomous Trade Union Craftsmen Confederation C.A.S.A is formed from provincial or territorial autonomous associations of craftsmen and small entrepreneurs.Throughout its years of acitivity, I.N.I.A.P.A has viewed craftsmanship not as a seperate entity, but as a part of an evolving productive scenario, wanting to spread the awareness that further learning is an essential component, both to the internal and external environment of the company, completely with the functioning and possibility of developing not only the craftsman, but the entire productive system in which it is introduced.In developing the actual activity, it looked to resolve the strong internal fragmentation to the initiative systems, which are pulverized and spontaneous, offering a realiable and complete service, but above all, satisfying the needs of each economical subject.




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